The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 16

Latest FBI Texts show that Barack Hussein Osama  lied about spying on the President Donald J. Trump Campaign, A new poll shows that majority of Americans believe Barack Hussein Osama wiretapped & spied on President Donald J. Trump,  John McCain received the fake Russia Dossier from Fusion GPS, Washington Post met twice with Hoax Dossier Author Christopher Steele During 2016 Election, Black & Brown Privilege,  Powerful GOP polls, Uranium One Informant Attorney speaks out, FBI Informant Tells Congress Moscow Routed Millions To Influence The Clinton’s ,  Food Stamp enrollment drops by four million in one month, Jobless claims fall to a 45 year low, Welfare for foreign refugees costs U.S. taxpayers 870 million yearly, DACA recipients promise to self-deport if amnesty fails,  Exclusive Leaked Docs Show : DHS Staffers Advocating For ‘Buy American, Hire American’  & NAFTA Reform told to ‘stand down’ ,  Social Media screams ‘racism’ right after the critics came out with negative reviews of Black Panther & Best Buy /Chipotle give out large bonuses due to Trump Tax Cuts.