The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 30

Today’s show : Special Guest Brandon Tatum calls in, Moderator of ‘Bikers For Trump’, Steve Emery calls in, MikeZollo calls in, Republicans gaining ground in midterm election polls, President Trump’s approval ratings at record highs, Cops who shot Alton Sterling will not fae charges, Facebook loses 70 Billion in market value over the last 10 days, Mark Zuckerberg agrees to testify before Congress, The brainless & repulsive creature, Michael Moore thinks voting age should be lowered to 16, President Trump ends deportation protections for Liberians, More reports of border agents getting assaulted & murdered by illegals, Attendance at Student March for Gun Control Less than Half of Expected Crowd, Planned Parenthood Filth, Howard Stern talks President Trump , The 2020 census will include citizenship question for first time since 1960, New Republican Bill would stop illegal immigrants from being able to ‘disappear’ once they are caught, Al Sharpton’s brother arrested for murder & Transgenders banned from the military.


The Destruction of the American Way

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the systematic tearing apart of the American way. The Federal Government has and is imposing their will on the people of our country. We have watched as the Biden administration, along with their minions across the country rip at the soul of what made United States a […]