The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 47

Today’s show : Special Guest – Cyber security expert, Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author, Michael Daugherty calls in, Host of the Josh Bernstein Show, Josh Bernstein calls in, Ex U.S. Senate Candidate, Arizona State Director & Host of The Alex Meluskey Show, Alex Meluskey calls in,Mike Zollo calls in, Director Gianni Parris- Rodriguez calls in, President Trump speaks at a rally in Indiana, President Trump successfully brought home the 3 Americans detained in North Korea, President Trump warns Iran to stop threatening, President Trump is making the world great again,  Republican primaries,Trump signs executive order to boost job opportunities for military spouses, Nancy Pelosi & Democrats want to raise taxes if they take back control, 2.2 Million Fewer People on Food Stamps Under Donald Trump, Iran & Israel conflict, Jobless Claims Remain Near 48-Year Low, Top 5 Isis leaders killed, Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un set for June 12th, John McCain needs to retire, Democrats’ advantage over Republicans ahead of midterms shrinks to 3 points, new poll finds, Justice Department invites Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy to view classified Russia investigation info & Border deployment leads to arrest of 1,600 more illegal immigrants.