The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 85

Today’s show : Steven Seagal’s Co-Author & Business Partner, Ex-Chief Deputy US Marshal, Martial Artist, US Army Veteran, Musician, Political Activist & Mayoral Candidate, Tom Morrissey calls in, Oil & Natural Gas Investor, Radical Islam Expert, Foreign Policy Analyst, New York Times Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, and a contributor to DailyCaller, ClashDaily, Lifezette, DailySurge & TheHill, Dan Perkins calls in, Legislative Affairs For President Ronald Reagan, International Security Expert, Islamic Historian, Political Activist & New York Times Best Selling Author, Valerie Greenfeld calls in,  Hedge Fund Manager, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur & Economic strategist, Joel Block calls in,Josh Hlavaty calls in,  President Trump awards posthumous Medal of Honor to Sgt. John Chapman for heroism in Al Qaeda firefight, We are living in the biggest Bull Market in history,   Michael Cohen Subpoenaed as part of Trump Foundation Probe, Cohen will talk to Mueller, 2020 odds: Trump favored more than every other challenger combined, Illegal Alien Charged with First Degree Murder of Mollie Tibbetts, Feds Offering $20,000 Reward for Suspect Accused of Threatening President Trump, Omarosa Drama, Donald Trump Deports 95-Year-Old Former Nazi Guard, Trump Pressures Sessions to fire Bruce Ohr,  Former Clinton Pollster says Hillary Clinton Broke Campaign Finance Laws & Not Donald Trump, CNN Doesn’t Report Mollie Tibbetts Killer Was An Illegal Alien, MTV Video Awards Hit Record Low, Ron Wyden working on bill to purge Alex Jones from social media, ESPN Will Not Televise the National Anthem During NFL Broadcasts, Senators hope to block funding for robot bartenders & Ratings Disaster: CNN Primetime Viewership Down 23%