The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 135

Today’s show : Steven Seagal’s Co-Author & Business Partner, Ex-Chief Deputy US Marshal, Martial Artist, US Army Veteran, Musician, Political Activist & Mayor Of Payson, Arizona, Tom Morrissey calls in, Nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Lobbyist, Successful Businessman, Public Speaker, Political consultant, Strategist & Activist, Clint Bellows calls in, Doctor, Award-Winning speaker, Veteran, Technology Expert, Best Selling Author & Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction 2018 Candidate & Currently The Commissioner Of Parks & Recreation For Maricopa County, Dr. Robert Branch calls in, Lobbyist, Activist & Political Strategist, Josh Hlavaty calls in, President Trump meets with the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, President Trump: Democrats ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ with Investigations, Michael Cohen suing President Trump for lawyer fees, President Trump meets with other Billionaire CEO’s, Father of Fallen Navy SEAL Praises Trump Veteran Suicides Task Force, RKelly In custody, Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison on bank and tax fraud charges, Democrats ban Fox from hosting primary candidate debates,  AZ Republicans Want AG to Investigate ‘Free Speech Violations’ in High School ‘MAGA’ Gear Incident, Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Requests His Murder Confession Be Thrown Out, Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’, Pelosi Refuses to Say Omar Should Apologize, Man Arrested for Assaulting Conservative at UC Berkeley Involved in Nearly Dozen Lawsuits, Trade Deficit Hits Highest Level in a Decade, Researchers: 103,000 Migrant Women Will Be Sexually Assaulted on Way to U.S. This Year, Britain Opens First Transgender Prison After Sex Attacks at Women’s Jails & Utah teacher forced student to wash off Ash Wednesday cross on forehead & free speech war


The Destruction of the American Way

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the systematic tearing apart of the American way. The Federal Government has and is imposing their will on the people of our country. We have watched as the Biden administration, along with their minions across the country rip at the soul of what made United States a […]