The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 169

Today’s Show : Lobbyist, Activist & Popular Talk Show Host, Michael Hart Calls in, Successful Businessman, Political Commentator & Activist, Barry Nussbaum calls in, Online Talk Show Host, Desert Storm Veteran,Columnist & Activist, Eric Thompson calls in,  Conservative  Talk Show Host, 2024 Presidential Candidate, Activist & Best-Selling Author, Daryl Kane calls in, Founder of College Republicans United, Founder Of Republicans United & Leader of Nationalists United, Kevin Decuyper calls in, Director, Producer, Political Commentator & Activist, Gianni Rodriguez-Parris calls in, President Trump says U.S. to impose 5 percent tariff on all Mexican goods, President Trump: ‘I Got Me Elected’ Not Russia, President Trump Thanks Robert Mueller: ‘Case Is Closed’, Accused Illegal Serial Killer Given Green Card After Overstaying Visa, Robert Mueller: ‘I Certainly Don’t Question’ AG Barr’s ‘Good Faith’, Robert Mueller Vows Never To Speak Again About Russia Investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller Announces Resignation & Suggests Testifying to Congress Would Be Pointless, Barr: Mueller ‘Could’ve Reached a Decision’ on Whether Trump Obstructed Justice, Man Sets Himself Ablaze Near the White House, House Democrats Will Force Mueller To Testify, Ohio Library Offers ‘Drag 101’ Class for Teens, DHS Releases 5K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Over Memorial Day Weekend, University of Colorado Denver Offers ‘Problematizing Whiteness’ Course, Joe Biden ‘Has Taken Billions of Dollars in Bribes from the Chinese Government’, Judicial Watch Uncovers FBI Knew of Hillary’s Abuses, Nevada Gov. SVetoes National Popular Vote Bill, 1000 Migrants Apprehended at Texas Border in Largest Group Ever, DHS Flying Illegal Aliens to U.S. Cities & Releasing Them into Communities & Tech Censoring Insanity Continues.


The Destruction of the American Way

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the systematic tearing apart of the American way. The Federal Government has and is imposing their will on the people of our country. We have watched as the Biden administration, along with their minions across the country rip at the soul of what made United States a […]