The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 218

Today’s Show : U.S. Congressional Candidate From Tennessee, Charlotte Bergmann calls in, D.C. Insider, Political Operative, & Social Media Strategist, Corey Jones calls in,  Retired Police Chief, Homicide Detective & Activist, Michael Valsi calls in, Real Estate Mogul, Actor & San Diego Mayoral Candidate For 2020, Richard Hansen calls in, Doctor, Political Activist, NRA Member & 2020 Republican Congressional Candidate For The 13th District Of Ohio, Duane Hennen calls in,  National Political Commentator, Republican Operative, & Former Trump campaign staffer, Hunter Dworsky calls in, President Trump nears new milestone with judicial appointments, President Trump Ready for ‘WAR’ on Drug Cartels in Mexico: ‘Wipe Them Off the Face of the Earth’, President Trump Launches Campaign to Attract Black Voters, President Trump Could Restore former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Rank by Veterans Day, Mark Cuban Calls for Government-Mandated Fact-Checks of News Opinion, Report: Joe Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Top Prosecutor After Burisma Lobbying Effort, Christian Hymn Society Releases ‘Queer Hymns’ for LGBTQIA2S+, Leftists Vow to Cancel Nats’ Kurt Suzuki for Donning MAGA Hat: He ‘Should Be Banned from Baseball’,  Mexico Declines President Trump’s Offer for ‘War’ Against Cartels, 9 Americans killed in Mexico by cartels, University of Florida Prof. Bans Use of Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’, Appeals Court Rules Trump to Hand over 8 Years of Tax Returns to State Prosecutors, United States begins process of withdrawing from Paris climate deal, Tucson to vote on becoming Arizona’s only sanctuary city, Every song on Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ album debuted on the Hot 100 & a man killed over a Popeyes chicken sandwich.