The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 224

Today’s Show : Historian & Best Selling Author, Doug Wead calls in, Former Massachusetts State Director For Trump Campaign, Dean Cavaretta calls in, Jexit Leader, Alexandra Levine calls in, U.S. Congressional Candidate From Ohio, Duane Hennen calls in, Political Activist, Star Carter calls in, Doctor and Lobbyist, Minnie Diaz calls in, Businesswoman & Talk Show Host, Tamara Leigh calls in,Retired Army Paratrooper, Iraq and Afghanistan Vet, Activist, White House Military Office & 2020 U.S. House Candidate, Todd A. Mckinley calls in,  U.S. Congressional Candidate From Maryland, Tim Fazenbaker calls in, President Trump Signs Bill Criminalizing Animal Torture, President Trump Donates Third-Quarter Salary to Help Fight Opioid Crisis, House Judiciary Committee Invites Trump to Testify in First Impeachment Hearing, Judge: Don McGahn Must Testify About White House Role, Elizabeth Warren Accused of Lying to School Choice Activist: ‘No, My Children Went to Public Schools’, ‘Bombshell’ Starring Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly Wins Social Justice Award,  Obama skeptical about 2020 Democrats, Supreme Court temporarily blocks subpoena seeking Trump’s financial records, A Transgender Super PAC Muscled Approval of School District’s Radical Locker Room Policy, Iran is threatening  United States again, Support for Impeachment Collapses Among Black/Hispanic Voters, Obama criticizes Biden, Goldman Sachs Tells Employees: Use Transgender Pronouns to Become an ‘Ally’,  Washington Post: Jared Kushner Manages Border Wall Construction, Impeachment Polls Prove Schiff Hearings Were a Huge Failure,  House Democrats Sue Trump Administration over Census Documents and SJW madness continues.


The Destruction of the American Way

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the systematic tearing apart of the American way. The Federal Government has and is imposing their will on the people of our country. We have watched as the Biden administration, along with their minions across the country rip at the soul of what made United States a […]