The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 4 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 4 /1-25-2022

The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 4 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 4 /1-25-2022

Guests : Dutch Masters, Joe Palmisano, Drew Allen, Tricia Flannigan, Josh Barnett, Fred Rubino, Dan Wos, Scott Morefield, Paul Boardman, Terry McNeely, Equintal Middleton, Blaine L. Pardoe, Rodney Evans, & more..   –

Inflation Highest In 40 Years  

-Stock Market Correction   

-Gas Prices continue to rise to record highs  

-U.S. Supply chain looking like communist Venezuela   

-Store Shelves Empty  

-Vaccine Mandate narrative falling apart   

-Big Pharma keeps winning  

 -Quadruple-Vaxed Israel Breaks World Record in Coronavirus Cases  

-U.S. Politicians ties to foreign powers   

-Military Industrial Complex Agenda   

–Biden Family Scored $31 Million From Deals With Chinese Intelligence   

-FBI Can No Longer Be Trusted  

-CDC & WHO keep getting caught in lies   

-Joe Biden Has Abandoned Two U.S. Embassies in Less than a Year  

-Neocons in D.C. all riled up   

-Biden’s mental state of mind   

-Putin’s plans   

-Kyrsten Sinema delivered   

-Joe Rogan Vs Neil Young   

-Joe Biden Calls Reporter ‘Stupid Son of a B***h’ over Inflation Question  

-Dan Crenshaw is a sellout   

-Vote all RINOS Out In 2022  

-Both sides of the party aisle need more outsiders running   

-Record number of Democrats retiring before midterms   

-Term Limits   

-Politics shouldn’t be a lifelong career   

-Cancel Culture coming for everyone   

-The future generations of this country


The Destruction of the American Way

Over the last 2 years, we have watched the systematic tearing apart of the American way. The Federal Government has and is imposing their will on the people of our country. We have watched as the Biden administration, along with their minions across the country rip at the soul of what made United States a […]