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The Rory Sauter Show – Episode 24 : Rory Sauter Is Not Dead Part 24

Guests: Robert H. Bork Jr., Larry Klayman, Siaka Massaquoi, Matt Beaudreau, Kent Emmons, Don Smith, Travis Masterbone, Timothy Alden, Ed Mazlish, Andy Falco-Jimenez, Demetries Grimes, Mike Rakebrandt, Roderick Threats, Michael Vasquez, Rodney Evans, & more..

Fed Raises Interest Rate By 0.75%, Biggest Increase Since 1994

239,416 migrants crossed the border in May; the highest monthly number ever recorded

Bidenflation Accelerates: Producer Prices Up 10.8 Percent

Jan 6th hearings recap

Elon Musk Celebrates Historic Republican Win In Deep Blue South Texas: ‘Massive Red Wave In 2022’

Elon Musk tells Twitter staff at first all-hands meeting he wants ONE BILLION active users, will tolerate ‘pretty outrageous tweets’

F.D.A. Approves Alopecia Drug That Restores Hair Growth in Many Patients Months After Will Smith incident

Biden says he will send another $1 billion weapons package to Ukraine following call with Zelensky

Poll: Independents Fuel Republican Bid to Recapture Congress

Poll: Inflation, Gas Prices Impact Midterm Elections Far More than January 6

Average Price of Gas in One California County Soars to $7.79

White House Repeats Joe Biden Running for President in 2024 Despite Growing Concerns About Age

Small Business Owners’ Expectations for the Future Fall to New 48-year Low

China will back Russia on “sovereignty & security” matters, President Xi says

Baby formula production halted at Abbott’s Michigan plant due to flooding after severe storms

Report: Tampon Shortage Hits Consumers Amid High Inflation

Report : Number of people identifying as transgender has doubled in the last 5 years

Audit the fed. Now!!!!!

Little Leprechaun Fauci Tests Positive for Rona

Little Leprechaun Fauci was supposed to testify today on Capitol Hill

Foods plants across the country continue to be destroyed

Bank of England raises interest rates by 0.25 percentage points

The gay people I know don’t partake in the pandering & virtue signaling nonsense pride month offers

I bet Anti-American Brittney Grenier regrets kneeling for the national anthem

Bipartisan Negotiation On Gun Control Bill Stalled

Mortgage Rates Hit 5.78%, Highest Level Since 2008

Rewriting history : In Various New Textbooks, Hong Kong Was Never a British Colony

Elon Musk Says He Is Leaning Towards Ron DeSantis for 2024

Report: NYC Schools Spent over $200K on Drag Queen Shows

Report: NYPD Resignations, Retirements on Pace for Record High

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Go Negative as Surging Gas Prices Tax American Wallets

Philadelphia police underreported crime data to FBI for city’s bloodiest year on record

California legislators want to help poor people buy a house with down payment from taxpayers, ‘shared equity’

Zelensky Ordered Destruction of All State Docs Associated with METABIOTA on 02/24/22

Why more Black people are looking for safety in gun ownership

Report: Thousands of Californians Flee to Mexico in Search of More Affordable Living

Jennifer Aniston Says Hollywood Is Full of People Famous for ‘Doing Nothing’

Like him or not, Tom Cruise saved the movie theater industry with Top Gun 2.

WHO Will Rename Monkeypox Because Name Is ‘Discriminatory, Stigmatizing’ To Africa

Buzz lighter banned in Saudi Arabia

Internet explorer retiring

Mayra Flores victory – first time I Republican has won that seat in over 100 years

Obama To Install 2,500 Gallon Commercial-Grade Propane Tank For Martha’s Vineyard Estate

Bitcoin falls to fresh 18-month low as crypto meltdown deepens

Stagflation fears surge to highest level since 2008, BofA survey shows: ‘Sentiment is dire’

Wladimir Klitschko needs to stop sucking Zelensky off

Japan makes online insults punishable by 1 year in jail in wake of reality star’s death

Is China gearing up for Putin-style ‘special operation’?

79 buses of migrants transported to Washington under Abbott-Ducey initiative

Top Gun: Maverick makes $400M at box office as year’s No. 1 film

Biden blaming oil companies for his f**kup

Mike Lindell launches new social media app

Hypocrite/Sellout Howard Stern knows he’s jumped the shark

SEC investigating ESG scams at Goldman Sachs

Over 20 women pregnancy centers across the country vandalized

Justin Biebers Suspicious Health Condition

Something similar about the deaths of Bob Saget, Gilbert Gotfried, & Ray Liotta

Pro-Second Amendment New Black Panther Party speaks out against rising crime

Grand Rapids police officer who fatally shot Patrick Lyoya is fired

Up To 10,000 Cattle Die As Extreme Heat Bakes Kansas

Tyson Fury coming out of retirement

Saudi Arabia golf opportunity

WWE investigating $3M hush money settlement between CEO and former employee: Report

New rule if you live within 100 miles of a border

January 6th continues to reschedule hearings

High-profile voter fraud prosecutions pile up as election integrity debate rages on

Adam Schiff Explores Run for Speaker After Pelosi Grooming

New CNN boss Chris Licht BANS staff from calling Trump’s election fraud claims ‘the big lie’

Ghislaine Maxwell wants to spend just FOUR YEARS in jail for sexually abusing underage girls

Joe Biden Botches LGBTQI+ Acronym as He Condemns ‘Ultra MAGA’ Agenda at Pride Celebration

NYPD: Car Thefts Soared 51 Percent this Year

Report : Seattle Homeless Man Calls 911 During Police Pursuit, Declares Chase ‘Illegal’

Miss Universe Insists ‘Not All People Who Menstruate Are Women’

Hunter Biden’s Gun problem

Jake Paul calls out Joe Biden

Sports Illustrated Accuses Praying High School Football Coach of Eroding a ‘Bedrock of American Democracy’