‘Restrictive’ Gun and Ammunition Controls Failed to Prevent Copenhagen Attack

Denmark has some of the most stringent gun controls in the world, yet numerous people were shot and some killed Sunday at the Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen.

Danish police confirmed multiple people were shot at the mall and that “several” have been killed, Breitbart News reported.

Police inspector Søren Thomassen said, “We know that there are several dead…[and] several injured,” according to the Associated Press.

The University of Sydney’s GunPolicy.org categorizes Denmark’s gun control as “restrictive,” and they note that “the right to gun ownership is not guaranteed by law.”

An ambulance and armed police outside the Field’s shopping center, in Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark, Sunday, July 3, 2022, after reports of shots fired. (Olafur Steinar Gestsson /Ritzau Scanpix via AP)

Moreover, Denmark requires would-be gun owners to first get a license from the government. Only licensed individuals may own or transfer a gun and ammunition. Also, even with a license individuals can only purchase ammunition that matches the firearm(s) they own.

People are seen running during the evacuation of the Fields shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark, on July 3, 2022 after Danish media reported a shooting. (OLAFUR STEINAR GESTSSON/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images)

The acquisition of a firearms license requires a criminal and mental background check and the individual seeking the license must show “genuine reason” to own a gun.

All privately owned firearms must be registered with the government, and Danish gun controls include “written specifications for the lawful safe storage of private firearms and ammunition by licensed gun owners.”

Other gun controls include requiring an individual to get “special authorization” to own handguns and/or semi-automatic firearms categorized as “assault weapons.”