Healthcare Workers Given Gender-Neutral Language Guidelines: ‘Avoid’ Mom, Use ‘Caregiver’

Healthcare workers at UnityPoint Health in Iowa were given new guidance urging them to “avoid” gendered words such as “mom” and “dad,” urging them to replace them with non-gendered words and phrases instead.

The guidance, which appears to incorporate the theme of the “Progress Pride” flag — the updated flag which calls for more inclusion by including stripes for transgender and minority communities — features two columns. The first column lists a series of routine words and phrases that employees should avoid, such as “wife,” mom,” guys,” “she,” “chairman,” and more. The other side offers gender-neutral alternatives — such as “everyone,” “children,” “caregivers,” and “they” or “them” — that they should use instead.

Words such as “wife,” “husband,” “boyfriend,” or “girlfriend,” should be avoided and replaced with “spouse,” “significant other,” and “partner,” per the guidance. According to the sheet, “mom” and “dad” should be avoided and replaced with “parents,” “guardians,” and “caregivers.”

Additionally, “children” should be used in lieu of “son” or “daughter,” and gendered words such as “ladies” or “guys” should be replaced with words such as “everyone” or “team.” The guidance also urges the workers to use an individual’s name rather than titles such as “Mr.” or “Mrs”:

Breitbart News reached out to UnityPoint Health asking if it could authenticate the guidelines circulating on social media. Breitbart News also asked if there would be repercussions for workers who refused to adhere to the guidance.

“At UnityPoint Health, we aim to create a culture of belonging for the people and communities we serve,” Macinzie McFarland, a senior marketing communications specialist for UnityPoint Health – Des Moines told Breitbart News, describing the guidance as optional.

“This optional language was shared on our social media platforms, and with team members, for those who are seeking ways to be more inclusive in how they communicate,” she added.

This is just one of several recent examples of gender-neutral language permeating today’s culture. The online dating site, for instance, provides over two dozen gender options for individuals signing up — from“polygender” to “neutrois.”

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has been known to use the term “pregnant persons” to describe a pregnant women, and the publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently came under fire for using the phrase “pregnant people” in its coverage of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

More recently, First Lady Jill Biden delivered a speech at what has been described as a “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon,” despite the fact that less than two percent of Hispanic Americans use the “Latinx” to describe themselves.



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