Uvalde Attacker’s Uncle Drove Him to Store, Thought He Was Buying Food but He Bought a Rifle

The special Texas House Panel’s report on the Uvalde school shooting reveals that the attacker’s uncle drove him to the gun store believing the attacker was getting food, but he got a rifle instead.

According to the report, the uncle drove the attacker “to the gun store twice.”

On the first trip, the uncle indicated he “did not know they were going to pick up a rifle…the store is connected to a popular restaurant, and the attacker said he was hungry.”

However, the attacker went into the store, and “[w]hen he returned with a long box and no food, it was obvious he had purchased a rifle.”

The uncle brought the attacker back to the gun store on another day “after the attacker falsely told him he needed to pick up ammunition purchased online.”

The report indicates that the attacker was actually picking up the “more expensive rifle used in the shooting.”

The attacker was living with his grandmother during the time when these purchases occurred. She had told him that no guns were allowed in her house. Therefore, the uncle allowed the attacker to keep the first rifle in his house and the “attacker apparently hid the second rifle outside his grandmother’s house until he brought it in the night before the shooting.”

Breitbart News reported that the special Texas House Panel’s report also shows that people referred to the attacker as a “school shooter” before the attack even occurred.

Patrons in the gun store where the attacker picked up his rifles said he “appeared odd and looked like one of those school shooters.”



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