Jimmy Fallon Lambasts Biden’s Rebound Case: At Least ‘COVID Got a Second Term’

Late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon took a shot at Joe Biden’s rebound coronavirus case as well as the seeming unlikelihood of a second Biden presidential term during his Monday broadcast.

After the White House admitted that Joe Biden has once again tested positive for the virus for the second time in a week, Fallon joked that there was a positive spin on the diagnosis, The Wrap reported.

“Right now, Biden’s looking on the bright side, he’s like, ‘Well, at least my COVID got a second term,’” the Tonight Show host joked during his opening monologue on Monday night’s broadcast.

Fallon went on to joke that Biden’s rebound diagnosis happened so fast, “staffers didn’t even have time to take down the ‘Get Well Soon’ balloons.”

Fallon used the president’s virus diagnosis to launch into a skit comprised of a “commercial” supposedly made by Russia to report on its “Vladimir Putin’s trick COVID test.”

Watch below:


The video featured a COVID test that switches back and forth between a positive result for COVID, then pregnancy, then the monkeypox. The video ended with a jab at Biden, saying, “Used by White House and They Don’t Even Know!”

This is not the first time that Fallon has taken shots at Biden on the Tonight Show. A week ago, Fallon joked that the White House staff wanted to be “safe” and “keep Biden Isolated until 2025.”

It was both a jab at Biden’s repeated COVID infections as well as his infamous refusal to speak to reporters during his term in office.

Several other late-night comedians — both of whom pushed hard for Biden’s election in 2020 — also took shots at the president recently.

Early in July, CBS’s The Late Late Show host James Corden visited the White House but shied from obeying after being told to say that the state of the U.S. economy is “strong.”

Stephen Colbert, the extremist, left-wing host of CBS’ The Late Show, recently mocked Biden and called him “grandpa,” after the president lost his temper with a CNN reporter.

Finally, drag queen RuPaul recently ribbed Biden’s advanced age saying that the last time Biden was sick was when “he got scurvy on Noah’s Ark.”



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