Christopher Wray Dodges Questions on FBI Pursuit of Concealed Permit Holders’ Information

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) called out FBI Director Christopher Wray during a hearing Thursday after Wray refused to explain why his agency is seeking information on Missouri concealed carry permit holders.

Hawley brought up the FBI’s pursuit of information on Missouri concealed carriers, saying, “Why are you asking for [this information] now, from the state of Missouri, from our sheriffs, when you didn’t ask for it in the past?”

Wray responded, “I’m going to have to get more information to be able to provide you a written response.”

Hawley followed up with another question. “What steps would the FBI take to be sure the information remains private, if you’re able to obtain it from these sheriffs all across Missouri?”

Wray said, “Again, the same answer, I really want to be careful not to speak when I don’t have all the facts.”

Hawley said, “Okay, so you’re not going to answer my questions.”

Wray shot back, “I am going to answer your questions.”

Hawley said, “Well you’re not answering them now.”

Wray suggested he was just going to answer the questions another way, rather than in person.

Hawley suggested Wray’s refusal to answer was because he was “under oath.”

Hawley went on to explain that he sent Wray a letter alerting him beforehand that the topic of pursing information on Missouri concealed carriers would come up in the hearing.

He said, “I’m disappointed, frankly. I sent you this letter days ago. This has been on your radar screen. The attorney general of our state sent you a letter before that. You’ve known about this. This is of significant concern. It directly affects Missouri state law.”

Hawley said Wray was putting state-level law enforcement in a bad position because “state law says they cannot turn over these personal records,” yet Hawley claimed the FBI is seeking the records anyway.



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