Swedish Govt Calls on Citizens to Cut Electricity Use Due to Outage Risks

The Swedish government has called on Swedes to save electricity, citing the risk of power disconnections, saying the energy situation in the country has become “acute”.

The government in Greta Thunberg’s homeland called on Swedes to save electricity on Friday, with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, Minister of Energy and Industry Ebba Busch, and Minister of Labour and Integration Johan Pehrson holding a joint press conference on the state of energy security.

“The situation is relatively acute. We do not want to create panic in any way, but we want to say that it is a difficult problem and that there are significant risks,” Prime Minister Kristersson said, the broadcaster SVT reports.

Kristersson noted that the temporary shit down of Sweden’s largest nuclear reactor, the Oskarshamn 3, could put real pressure on the electrical grid in southern Sweden and may lead to a risk of power outages.

Companies that pause production to reduce electrical consumption may receive some type of compensation as one way of curbing demand.

“Now is the time to support, gather strength and save to get through a time that is extraordinarily strained,” the Swedish leader said.

The opposition Social Democrats welcomed the move to reduce electrical consumption.

“It is perfectly reasonable that we now really think about each of us and reduce energy use, because it affects the price downwards for all consumers,” Social Democrat MP Mikael Damberg said.

Sweden is not the only country in Europe facing energy difficulties. In neighbouring Finland, as many as 40 per cent of the country’s street lights may be shut down over the winter due to possible power outages s electricity may need to be rationed.

Xavier Piechaczyk, the president of the Reseau Transport d’Electricite (RTE) in France, also warned that his country could see power cuts during the winter, despite a decline in energy use.


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