Own a Piece of Leftist History: Elon Musk’s Twitter Is Auctioning Off Items from HQ

Elon Musk’s Twitter is auctioning off dozens of items including fancy espresso machines, memorabilia, and supplies from its San Francisco headquarters. Following a mass layoff of the company’s notoriously leftist staff, Musk apparently believes it is time to clean house in another way.

CNN reports that Twitter is auctioning off dozens of items from its offices in San Francisco, including a huge Twitter bird statue and a planter shaped like the “@” symbol. Among the other items for sale are a projector, iMac screens, standing desks, espresso machines, and an electric bike charging station.

Heritage Global Partners, the company facilitating the sale, announced that the online auction for all items will open on January 17 and close the next day. The opening bids for each item range between $25 and $50.

Twitter users were quick to point that the company’s unique artwork would be interesting to own. For conservatives blacklisted by the company, artwork may serve as a war trophy.

Following Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter purchase, he implemented multiple cost-cutting measures, including mass layoffs of approximately half of the company’s staff. A group of former employees has filed a lawsuit alleging that these layoffs involved multiple labor rights violations.

However, the auction is allegedly not part of Musk’s latest cost-cutting measures, with HGP president Nick Dove saying in an interview with Fortune that anyone who thinks selling office supplies is an attempt by the company to preserve finances is a “moron.”

“We don’t determine which assets a company doesn’t need,” Dove told CNN. “Just like a real estate broker doesn’t determine which houses or buildings their client would need to sell.”



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