Joe Rogan Blasts People Treating Transgenders Like a Protected Class: ‘What the F**k Are We Doing?’

Podcast mega star Joe Rogan blasted people who have put transgenders in a “protected class,” and won’t even refer to them by their biological sex, even if they are rapists and murderers. “What the fuck are we doing” Rogan asked.

“I’m all for people being able to express themselves and live however they want, however, there was a story that I was reading — about this woman that brutally murdered and raped this woman, and about how unusual it is for a woman to brutally rape and murder another woman,” Rogan said during a Wednesday episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Well, it turns out it’s not a woman. It’s a trans woman, but they have to call it a woman. So they’re saying it’s a woman,” Rogan continued. “So there’s people that are phrasing it in this woke speak.”

Joe Rogan went on to say that it is “bananas” to “phrase it that way” and say “a woman.”

“No, it was his ex. That was his ex-girlfriend that he killed, that he murdered and raped. He was a man at the time, he was dating her. Like, to say, ‘Oh, it’s so unusual for a woman to do that,’ it’s like, what kind of game are we playing?”

“You’re talking about crime,” he added. “Like that person that went to jail and said he was a woman, and started banging all the inmates and got two of them pregnant — that person brutally murdered his mother with a knife. It’s a horrible story.”

“The cops that came to the scene said it was one of the most horrific things they had ever seen, stabbed her form her face down to the bottom of her legs — but you can say you’re a woman and all of the sudden you’re in a woman’s prison,” Rogan said.

***Language Warning***


The podcaster then played a clip from comedian Derick Lengwenus, who joked that he supports “trans women” participating in women’s sports, so long as he’s allowed to bet who would win.

Rogan noted that some people would call that joke “transphobic,” because “people want no criticism.”

The podcaster went on to say that “trans people” have been categorized in a “protected class,” and now “you can’t even criticize them, even if they’re murderers, even if they’ve brutally raped and murdered their ex-girlfriend, you still have to call them a woman.”

“Even if they were a man at the time, you still have to call them a woman. ‘It’s very rare for a woman to do this.’ Is it? Is it also rare for a woman to have a dick?” Rogan mocked. “What the fuck are we doing?”



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