USA Today Pushes ‘Bullet Regulation’ to Stop High-Profile Shootings

A USA Today/Associated Press column published Thursday suggests lawmakers struggling to get traction on gun control may want to redirect their energies toward “bullet regulation.”

Jeanine Santucci writes in USA Today, “Government leaders calling for reform say bullet regulation – including through the recording of sales, licensing of dealers or background checks – is necessary in the ongoing battle to curb mass shootings.”

She notes:

The Giffords group and other gun regulation advocates also propose that ammunition sellers be required to maintain records of their sales, and make the information available to law enforcement, as New Jersey will soon enact.

Data collection and reporting of large sales to state police, along with other measures such as behavioral threat assessments, will help law enforcement to identify bad actors, [New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin (D)] said. Law-abiding gun owners who purchase ammunition in bulk won’t have anything to worry about, Platkin said.

Santucci’s column also pushes for magazine capacity restrictions, claiming such limitations would reduce the effectiveness of high-profile shooters.

She did not address a National Review report which indicates that the February 14, 2018, Parkland High School attacker used 10-round magazines during his heinous crime.



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