America Loves Guns: Over 16 Million Sold in 2022

Year-end figures from the FBI show there were over 31 million National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks conducted in 2022 and over 16 million guns sold.

FBI figures show nearly 31.5 million NICS checks were conducted in 2022. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Mark Oliva noted that of those nearly 30 million background checks, 16,425,484 were for gun sales.

The 16,425,484 background checks for gun purchases make 2022 the third highest year on record of NICS checks for gun sales.

The NICS checks beyond the 16,425,484 were conducted for concealed carry permit applicants and holders in certain states.

Guns transferred or bought by concealed carry permit holders in states where permits allow individuals to forgo NICS checks at point of purchase are not included in the 16,425,484 sales figure. Therefore, the actual number of gun sales for 2022 may actually be much higher.


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