Germany Plotting to Ban ‘Dangerous’ Semi-Automatic Firearms: Report

Germany’s allegedly Antifa-linked interior minister is preparing legislation that will ban people from owning “dangerous” semi-automatic firearms in the country, a report has claimed.

Nancy Faeser, Germany’s allegedly Antifa-linked Interior Minister, is preparing legislation that will ban “dangerous” semi-automatic weapons from being owned by private individuals, reports suggest.

The government minister is reportedly justifying the ban with reference to what has been billed by the government as a foiled coup attempt in the country — though this has been ridiculed by at least one opposition party — as well as to significant migrant violence on New Year’s Eve.

According to a report by Süddeutsche Zeitung, which claims to have seen the 48-page draft law, Faeser wants to see a large number of semi-automatic weapons deemed as being “dangerous” banned from being owned by individual citizens.

Severe restrictions on the ownership of crossbows and blank-firing starter pistols are also reportedly included within the draft legislation, with the latter of these tools, in particular, being previously linked by the minister to migrant riots that took place in a number of cities on New Year’s Eve.

Further restrictions on the activities of shooting ranges are also included within the legislation, with visitors soon to be required to present a shooting permit to fire various guns.

The German government is also examining separate legislation that will ban the private ownership of fireworks in the country after mostly migrant rioters employed them in their violent revelry on December 31st.

Although it remains unclear exactly how many semi-automatic weapons will be banned under the new legislation, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung the rules will affect 135,000 of Germany’s private gun owners.

However, despite the country’s already draconian gun control laws, Germany has seen numerous mass shootings over recent years, including one which took place at Heidelberg University last year.

The country has also seen numerous instances of knife crime, with many attacks inspired by radical Islamic extremists being perpetrated using bladed weapons rather than firearms.

Other European countries with similar or even stricter gun control laws have also seen their fair share of shootings, with France, in particular, seeing Muslim terrorists kill dozens of people with firearms in countless attacks, including the infamous Bataclan massacre.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that hardline gun control legislation has traditionally done little to prevent serious terror attacks — with many extremists either opting to source guns illegally or simply use other tools to murder and maim people — leftists politicians around the world remain obsessed with stripping gun rights away from law-abiding citizens.

Apart from Germany, Canada has also recently reignited its war on gun owners within the last year, with the country’s leftist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, implementing a complete ban on the import and sale of handguns, with some politicians even pushing to have hunting rifles made illegal as well.



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