Poll: Majority Prefer Congress to Lead, Not Biden

The majority of likely U.S. voters would prefer that President Joe Biden do “more of what Congress wants,” while a plurality thinks the new Congress will do better than the past two years.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday found that 52 percent of likely voters think it would be better if Biden “does more of what Congress wants,” while only 33 percent think Congress should do “more of what the president wants.”

Sixteen percent said they were unsure when asked the same question. The House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate were sworn in earlier this month to the 118th Congress. Republicans now control the House, and the Senate is still under Democrat control.

Rasmussen Reports noted that broken down by party, 70 percent of Republicans, 37 percent of Democrats, and 49 percent of independents agree that Biden should follow Congress’ lead, while 49 percent of Democrats, 17 percent of Republicans, and 30 percent of independents think Congress should follow Biden’s lead.

Comparatively, four years ago under former President Donald Trump, 48 percent said they would prefer if the president did “more of what Congress wants,” while 41 percent said Congress should do “more of what the president wants.” In that midterm election, Democrats won control of the House.

Additionally, with the new Congress being sworn in, the poll also found that 37 percent of the respondents believe the new Congress will do better than during the past two years in the 117th Congress. In comparison, 31 percent think Congress will do worse, and 22 percent think it will do the same. However, ten percent were not sure.

The Rasmussen Reports poll was taken on January 5, 8, and 9 with 900 respondents. The poll had a three percent margin of error and a 95 percent confidence level.



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