Alec Baldwin Faces Up to 18 Months in Jail if Convicted in ‘Rust’ Shooting

Hollywood star Alec Baldwin faces a maximum sentence of 18 months in jail if he is convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting on the set of the movie Rust.

On Thursday, the Santa Fe District Attorney announced that Alec Baldwin and the movie’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, will both face criminal charges for the October 21, 2021 shooting of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. They will each be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in Hutchins’ death.

New Mexico’s maximum penalty is 18 months imprisonment, plus one year of parole, for involuntary manslaughter. The maximum fines is $5,000.

It remains unclear what sentencing Baldwin faces if convicted on both counts.

Baldwin’s attorney blasted the criminal charges announced against his client, calling it a “miscarriage of justice..”

“This decision distorts Halyna Hutchins’ tragic death and represents a terrible miscarriage of justice. Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live bullet in the gun – or anywhere on the movie set. He relied on the professionals with whom he worked, who assured him the gun did not have live rounds. We will fight these charges, and we will win,” said Alec Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas of Quinn Emanuel, in a statement sent to multiple outlets.
Gutierrez-Reed’s lawyer also maintained his client’s innocence.

“These charges are the result of a very flawed investigation, and an inaccurate understanding of the full facts. We intend to bring the full truth to light and believe Hannah will be exonerated of wrongdoing by a jury,” said attorney Jason Bowles.



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