Zuck Joins the ChatGPT Craze: Facebook Reveals Plans to Develop ‘AI Personas’ for Social Media

Tech giant Facebook reportedly has plans to step into the world of AI with the development of “AI personas” for its platforms. Mark Zuckerberg hopes to cash in on the AI craze sparked by ChatGPT, the woke chatbot already notorious for its leftist bias.

Engadget reports that to keep up with competitors in the market, Facebook (now known as Meta) has announced plans to create “AI personas” and combine its teams working on generative AI into a single unit. The social media behemoth is looking into AI assistants for various media formats, including sophisticated chat features in Messenger and WhatsApp, distinctive Instagram filters and ads, and video and “multi-modal” Facebook content.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that he wants the firm to be a “leader” in generative AI. This change occurs as Facebook’s revenue continues to decline, and its Reality Labs division is suffering greatly due to the company’s decision to focus on the metaverse. To cut costs and weather a challenging economy, the company recently eliminated over 11,000 positions.

Facebook’s announcement of “AI personas” follows the recent shift of other tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft, both of which are making significant investments in ChatGPT-style AI. These AI models have a wide range of applications, including conversational web search systems, virtual assistants, and customer service support. Despite the promises of AI, ChatGPT displayed a severe leftist bias, and Microsoft’s AI bot tends to become completely unhinged.

Facebook is not unfamiliar with the idea of developing AI personas. The business first added chatbots to Messenger in 2016, but the decision to increase investment in generative AI is noteworthy and reflects the growing attention that the tech sector is giving to AI. The company plans to “turbocharge” its efforts in this developing field as a result of Facebook’s decision to combine its teams working on generative AI into a single group. However, Zuckerberg cautions that there is still a “lot of foundational work to do” before the most advanced projects would be ready for public use.

Although the move into generative AI could be profitable for Facebook, the company still has a number of issues to contend with. Facebook’s revenue is still declining, and its Reality Labs division is losing billions of dollars as a result of its focus on the metaverse.



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