Michelle Obama Criticizes ‘Unfettered Access to Firearms’ in USA

Former first lady Michelle Obama criticized “unfettered access to firearms” in America, saying during a Thursday interview with CBS’s Gayle King it is “not a good thing.”

Obama urged younger voters to get involved and vote for candidates who will tighten gun control laws in the United States, Fox News reported.

“More of us have to feel strongly about it. In particularly our young people. This is where democracy comes in. Voting — all of this stuff is decided in the ballot box,” she said.

She noted, “I hope and pray that at some point, ‘enough becomes enough.’”

Some of the most stringently gun-controlled parts of America–Illinois, for example–have Democrat-run cities with raging gun crime, a fact Obama did not mention. (At least 32 people were shot last weekend alone in Chicago.)

Obama also used the interview to claim that there “relatively no scandals to speak of” while her husband, Barack Obama, was president.

She omitted mention of the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, the details surrounding the September 11, 2012, Benghazi attack, which resulted in four Americans dying, and the scandal surrounding the weaponization of the IRS, among other things.



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