U.S. Virgin Islands Issues Subpoena to Elon Musk in Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit

The U.S. Virgin Islands issued a subpoena to Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk, seeking documents for its lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase. The U.S. territory is suing the bank, alleging it enabled and benefitted from its longtime customer, disgraced financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

A court filing obtained by CNBC said the U.S. Virgin Islands tried to subpoena Elon Musk on April 28 over the suspicion that Epstein “may have referred or attempted to refer” the Tesla an SpaceX CEO as a client to JPMorgan. That subpoena, however, was unsuccessful.

So the U.S. territory asked Manhattan federal court Judge Jed Rakoff to let it serve Musk with the subpoena with Tesla’s registered agent.

That subpoena demands Musk hand over any documents that shows him in communication with JPMorgan and Epstein, as well as “all Documents reflecting or regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and/or his procurement of girls or women for consensual sex.”

“Upon information and belief, Elon Musk — the CEO of Tesla, Inc., among other companies — is a high-net-worth individual who Epstein may have referred or attempted to refer to JPMorgan,” the U.S. Virgin Islands said in Monday’s filing.

“The Government contacted Mr. Musk’s counsel via email to ask if he would be authorized to accept service on Mr. Musk’s behalf in this matter but did not receive a response confirming or denying his authority,” the filing added.

The U.S. territory said it hired an investigative firm to try to find an address for Musk.

“This is idiotic on so many levels,” Musk said in a tweet on Monday.

“1. That cretin never advised me on anything whatsoever. 2. The notion that I would need or listen to financial advice from a dumb crook is absurd. 3. JPM let Tesla down ten years ago, despite having Tesla’s global commercial banking…” he added.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is suing JPMorgan, claiming the bank enabled and benefited from Epstein’s sex trafficking, and that he had kept millions of dollars on deposit at JPMorgan, which he used to fly young women to his private island in the territory, and other locations.

The subpoenas are seeking for information about Epstein and JPMorgan.

A May 4 filing revealed the U.S. Virgin Islands issued a similar subpoena to Google co-founder Larry Page, and similarly to the situation with Musk, the territory also found it difficult to locate Page.

The U.S. territory has also issued subpoenas to former Disney executive Michael Ovitz, Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker, and billionaire real estate investor Mort Zuckerman.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is set to be deposed in the case on May 26.



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