Patriot Nation Radio

Tonight live from Hurricane Ian ravaged Florida, Patriot Radio Nation will be live with their relief show. Talking about relief efforts with George Colella Born of born to ride for 45, and storm chaser Jonathan Riches on what it was like at landfall of Hurricane Ian. it all starts tonight at 8 pm with Mark […]

A Conservative Perspective/ Patriot Nation Radio

Random neural firings this evening, and somewhat overdue. Then stay tuned as Mark talks with Lead Attorney For Praying Coach Joe Kennedy Fresh Off Their Supreme Court Victory. Then Our Candidate Series Continues With Pastor Jack Martin Running For Congress Hernando County District 1. Then Rob Christenson Will Join Us To Tell Of How The Hernando […]

A Conservative Perspective/Patriot Nation Radio

January 6 Protesters are kept in deplorable conditions for over a year, and Colbert thinks it’s funny. Makes those suffering people the butt of his sophomoric jokes. Talking about it tonight, Plus stay tuned for Mark Hoffman and Patriot Nation Radio Live! asHernando County Commissioner District 4 Anthony Arenz Joins Us. Tune In To Find […]

The Patriot Nation Radio Show Live

On This Episode of The Patriot Nation Radio Show Live! Running For South Carolina Attorney General Lauren Martel. We Will Discuss Her Campaign,And Other Things. Including Investigating Artificial Inflation By Price Gauging. This Will Be A Good One. Tune In This Thursday 8pm Eastern

United Patriots Uprising with Gary Binford

No stone will be left unturned in discussing these critical topics: Saving Our School Kids and Debunking Critical Race Theory with guests ELBERT GUILLORY, former Louisiana State Senator; documentary filmmaker/journalist ZOE WARREN, host of The New American Magazine weekly show “2A For Today!”; investigative journalist WENDI STRAUCH MAHONEY, writer at UncoverDC; The Uncloseted Conservative JOE […]