Wyoming Becomes First State to Outlaw Abortion Pills

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (R) signed a bill on Friday outlawing abortion pills, making the state the first to do so in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. The “Prohibiting Chemical Abortions” bill mandates that any physician or person who distributes, prescribes, or otherwise provides abortion pills could face prison for a maximum […]

Cardinal Dolan: Real Inclusivity Must Include Unborn Babies

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said Monday that the mantra of inclusivity must be stretched to include everyone, including unborn babies. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Cardinal Dolan proposes that America is falling short of its ideal of true inclusivity by selectively applying it only to liberal causes. “By accepting one dominant cultural narrative […]

Pope Francis Brings Heterodox Cardinal into His Inner Circle

Pope Francis has named progressive Luxembourg Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich to his inner cabinet of advisors despite the cardinal’s rejection of key elements of Catholic moral teaching. Vatican News noted Tuesday that Pope Francis has rebooted his Council of Cardinals, or “C9” as it is known, which was created to assist the pope in the governance […]

Uganda Accuses Western Governments of Pushing Pro-Gay Agenda

Uganda is resisting international pro-gay propaganda by putting forward new legislation to protect its “cherished values and culture” according to Annet Anita Among, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament. Among has pledged to the country “that a Bill will be introduced as soon as possible to deal with Homosexuality and lesbianism,” she wrote on Twitter. […]

Christian Nation of Rwanda Says ‘No’ to Abortion

The Protestant Council of Rwanda (CPR) has instructed all its health facilities to stop performing abortions, joining a similar policy adopted by the Catholic Church. The CPR currently runs some 10 percent of Rwanda’s largest health facilities while the Catholic Church directs another 30 percent, many of them in rural areas. With a population of […]